Solar Energy System : The Fact File

We hear lot about Solar Energy system in our day to day life, but do we really use that much of solar power? No. But good news is that the use of different types of solar power systems such as solar panels, monocrystalline solar panels is constantly on rise. However, the total use of the Solar Power System goes to about 1 % a little higher, the awareness about the advantages of the use of solar panels and other solar energy systems is getting its way around the world. And this is a big advantage in the point that the awareness of today, will turn in action tomorrow.

It is worldwide accepted fact that if we want to live in an environment that is free from pollutions, then solar power is the key answer. But do you know all about the Solar Panels System? What are the facts about it? How will you choose it? Take a look at the fact file of the solar power system below:

There are two types of solar power available. Solar electric power and solar thermal energy. While Solar electric power generates power using photovoltaic cells to convert solar radiation into electricity, solar thermal energy uses the sun’s energy to heat up the water when it is pumped into solar panels, keeping water warm for around 24 hours or so.

One more point of unknown fact about solar power: Many people believe that solar power only works on sunny days. But the fact is that solar systems are fitted over the roof top of the building and they are able to and do work on cloudy days.

Another great fact is that solar energy can be collected and stored in batteries.

The measurement of solar power is kilowatt-hour (kWh). 1 kilowatt stands up to 1,000 watts. And the sun produces 1,366 watts of direct solar radiation per square meter, which is much more than we need.

One of the greatest misassumption about solar systems such monocrystalline solar panels
is that solar energy is costly and you have to spend a big amount on it. However that is true that initial cost of setting up the solar power system is little high but another great fact is that it is able to give you 100% RoI. Moreover now-a-days you can easily find cheap solar panels in and around your locality.

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ISES SOLAR WORLD CONGRESS 2011 all set to go!ISES SOLAR WORLD CONGRESS 2011 all set to go!

The International Solar Energy Society – The world’s leading alliance in the field of Solar Energy is again organizing the mega event known as Solar World Congress 2011. The event is set to take place from 28th August 2011 to 2nd September 2011 in Kassel, Germany. The Solar World Congress 2011 will be bringing world’s enormous scientists, researchers and industry key persons under a single roof. Not just this, there will be a big number of students and professors from world’s leading universities too. The event is aimed at providing the Solar Energy professionals a platform to exchange their ideas and innovations of the Solar Panels Technology.
It is expected that a minimum of 1000 researchers, industry professionals, students, professors and leaders will be attending this mega event.
Dates to Remember:
Last date to upload full papers: 26th August 2011
Last date for Online Registration: 23rd August 2011 (until 23:59hrs, CEST)
The World Congress Summit 2011: 28th August to 02nd September 2011.
The detailed schedule and the registration procedure are mentioned on ISES’s official website:
There will be a number of points to be discussed in the summit during the event. One of which will be Review for International Renewable Energy. There will be a special session to discuss various issues being faced in implementing the Renewable Energy in around the world.
What else at the event?
Apart from various discussion sessions and speeches, there will also be some extra events at the summit such as Technical Tours, Sightseeing Tours and Social Events.
Funding for Researchers
The Kassel University, Kassel, Germany – the host of World Congress Summit 2011 offers financial support and provides funding to 15 scientists of the developing nations to make them able to attend the Summit. There is a set of eligibility criteria to become eligible for the funding. The set of criteria is mentioned on their website.

So if you have been working in the Solar Energy field and want to know the future of the Solar Panels such as Monocrystalline Solar Panels, don’t miss the event. If you want to install Cheap Solar Panels or want to get Solar Quotes, please feel free to Solar Panels Australia service provider.

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All-Energy Australia 2011 International Conference

All-Energy Australia 2011 International Conference

The world is going Solar! Gone is the era when solar panels were used only as a means of power generation system for residential buildings. Now, the use of Solar Panels is not restricted to just houses (or non-commercial buildings) but this fabulous, sustainable and renewable energy system has found its place in the business houses, government buildings and public places too! It is a generally accepted fact that the use of Solar Power Systems such as Solar Panels or Monocrystalline Solar Panels etc. has widely spread across the Australian horizon, but we have to admit that the use is not as much spread as it should. In-fact, there is still a big space of opportunity where this energy efficient system can be implemented. There are places around Australia which still needs to gain enough knowledge and implementation for solar power system.

The Solar Power industry is constantly working towards narrowing the space and is in constant process to spread the word by organizing events and conferences around Australia so that people can aware of advantages of using this cheap solar panels.

One of such popular and mega event is All-Energy Australia 2011 International Conference. And just like every year, this year to it is going to be a big world! The event is going to organize in the month of October. The detailed scheduled is given at the bottom of the page, you may also take a look at the event’s official website or can download the event schedule here.

Detailed Schedule of the Event

Opening Day –12th October, 2011 (Wednesday)

9.00-10.30 Opening Plenary Session
10.30-11.15 Exhibition & networking
Stream 1 Stream 2 Stream 3 Stream 4 Stream 5
11.15-12.30 Carbon Capture & Storeage: Domestic Solar: Industry Perspective and Government Support

Embracing Clean Energy in Industry Power Storage Transmission & Distribution 1: The Smart Grid
Lunch & Exhibition
14.00-15.15 Carbon Capture & Storage: Demonstration to Commercialization Solar PV Embracing Clean Energy in Gov’t: State Government

Transport Transmission & Distribution 2: Transmitting & Handling Intermittent Energy Sources
Exhibition & Networking
15.45-17.00 Carbon Capture & Storage: Applications Outside the Power Generation Industry Solar Thermal Embracing Clean Energy in Gov’t: Local Councils Bioenergy Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Technology

Second Day –13th October 2011 (Thursday)


Stream 1 Stream 2 Stream 3 Stream 4 Stream 5
9.00-10.30 International Perspective on Clean Energy Energy Efficiency 1 Building an Australian Clean Energy Industry Wave & Tidal Energy YEP: Session 3 TBC
Exhibition & Networking
11.15-12.30 Investment Session: International Energy Efficiency 2: Built Environment Training and Skills Wind Energy YEP: Session 3 TBC
Lunch & Exhibition
14:00-15.15 Investment Session 3: National – Panel Format Energy Generation in the Built Environment Carbon Pricing & Emissions Trading Geothermal Energy YEP: Session 3 TBC
Exhibition & Networking
15.45-17.00 Plenary Grand Debate & Round Table: Is the Australian Economy Ready for a Carbon Price?

Note: Conference titles and timings may be subject to change.
You might also want to know on how to install Cheap Solar Panels or want to get Solar Quotes.

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Why you should install and use Solar Panels at your Home?

Powering up the home with Solar Power System has been a topic of interest around the people in Australia. With the increased need of alternate energy solutions and with people looking for sustainable, renewable and affordable energy solutions, Solar Energy System has been attracting much more user base in Australia in compare to some previous years. But there are places where it is still not been used and there are people who even don’t know the real benefits of using this wonderful energy generation system. So they have big question in their mind: Why to use Solar Panels for home?

Well, let’s go to the question and take a look at the answer. The Solar Power System has a number of big advantages over the traditional energy generation system. We have tried to depict those big benefits here:

What are the advantages?

To summarize the benefits of Solar Energy, we can say that has a number of advantages for example it is free, reliable, environment friendly, renewable etc. But we would like to give you a detailed note of benefits and so we discuss and depict each point here in details:

  • It’s Free!

The biggest advantage of using Solar Power System is that it comes with no cost! Yes, it is freely available energy. What you need to pay is just installation cost and not the usage fees!

  • It’s Eco-friendly!

Global Warming and High Pollution are global concerns for today’s world. And we all are looking for a sustainable solution on how to cope up with these ever increasing problems. But no need to worry! The Solar Energy is the answer to these questions. The Solar Power Systems are eco-friendly and don’t harm environment. What’s more, it reduces energy emissions and being natural energy resource, it does not pollute the air while producing electricity.

  • It’s Renewable!

Another big benefit of using Solar Power Systems is that it is Renewable Energy! So you don’t need to worry about running out of this energy system because being a natural energy resource, it gets its energy source from the sun – a constant and never ending energy resource!

  • Lower attention for maintenance!

Lower maintenance, higher returns – this is what we can say about Solar Energy. Yes, this energy system does not require much attention and much maintenance of the user. It asks for occasional cleaning to make sure it gives you optimum output.

  • Reduces your electricity bills!

Another advantage is that it reduces your electricity bills. It works like you produce and you use energy. Because, once you have installed the panels at your location, they start producing energy from sun so there is no or little involvement of traditional energy system and hence it helps you in reducing your electricity bills.

  • Pay little and get paid big rewards!

Using Solar Energy Power System gives you much more than your expectations. Apart from reducing your electricity bills, it also gives you financial returns! Here’s how: To promote the Solar Energy usage in Australia, the Federal Government has designed and offer rebate for solar power usage. These returns are known as Feed-in Tariffs.

So, you have gone through and got the idea of Advantages of Solar Power Systems and if you want to get Cheap Solar Panels installed at your location, you can ask us for Solar Quotes.

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Choose Cheap Solar Panels in Australia

At Rainbow Solar, our ultimate goal is to expand the reach of Solar Panels in entire geography of Australia and to give the Green Revolution a thumb up in Australia. Our foundation base lies in offering Cheap Solar Panels in Australia so that the energy efficient Solar Panels can reach to each and every corner of Melbourne, Victoria and other parts of Australia. Rainbow Solar believes in offering energy efficient, professional and unmatched Solar Quotes to people around Australia and thus to make them able to select Cheap Solar Panels.

Certified and Trusted Cheap Solar Panels.

Rainbow Solar offers you Cheap Solar Panels which are certified by Government Authorities and are trusted by millions of Solar Panels users around Australia.

When it comes to Solar Panels, you will probably poured with plethora of Cheap Solar Panels in Australia and will get confused which Solar Panels are right for you and which Cheap Solar Panels will help you in reducing your electricity bills. We could suggest you the various options available within the Cheap Solar Panels range once you request Solar Quotes from us.

Solar Panels are great resources for reducing electricity bills

Some years ago when Solar Panels were newly introduced in the Australian markets, the Solar Panels were very costly and people could not afford it to reduce their energy bills marginally. But since last few years, with the great awareness about Solar Panels, Government Solar Rebates and with people getting familiar with the advantages of Solar Panels such as Monocrystalline Solar Panels, they have become very cheap and people can now afford these Cheap Solar Panels.

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How solar works?

Sun is a source of great energy which is the source or the cause of all the other form of energy. With this solar energy is eco friendly and found very easily. The main task is to convert this solar energy into an energy form that can be used. There are different structures like solar panels which are used to collect and utilize solar energy.

How solar panel works?

Solar panel captures sunlight and converts it into DC electric current which can easily be transformed into AC electric current using invertors.

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