About Us

Rainbow Solar is a recently registered business owned by JMD Solutions Pty Ltd.

The director Abhi Sharma is a dynamic personality. Abhi has completed Hospitality Management Course. He has had about 10 years experience in the Sales Industry first in the Hotel and Hospitality field, Time share Investment property sales, and Telecommunications sales.

Rainbow Solar is the agent for several leading Solar Energy Businesses; and authorized to provide consultation, information and generate sales for their products according to the benefit and advantage of the customers.

Our Commitment:

  • To provide ‘No Charge’ consultation.
  • To provide Obligation Free Solar Assessment
  • To provide full and true information on Products of the Solar Energy Businesses which we deal with.
  • To assist purchasers make an informed decision.
  • To provide sales service with integrity.

How we work:

  • As Consultants we do not restrict ourselves to only one Solar Energy Business. We are entrusted with the Information and Products of several Leading Solar Energy Businesses.
  • Call us for a Consultation especially if you are unsure which is the best product or best deal for you.
  • We will make an appointment to visit you at a time convenient to you and will do a Presentation for you about Solar Energy and Solar Panels.
  • You do not have to pay anything for a consultative presentation.
  • You will be under no obligation to proceed with our services to make any purchase.
  • We will show you the various deals offered by leading Solar Energy Businesses.
  • We will show you the various types of Solar Panel products, Makes and Models and explain the differences, how each works, their advantages and disadvantages to your circumstances.
  • If you choose the Solar Energy Business from which you wish to purchase your Solar Panels; we will then provide you with a quote.
  • As agents also of the respective Solar Energy Businesses, in most cases we are able to provide a more competitive quote than you would get directly from the business.
  • Should you need finance for the project, we are also able to liaise with Finance Companies to assist you.
  • Should you be pleased with our Consultative Presentation and Quote and wish to proceed to purchase your Solar Energy System through us, we will then undertake to further liaise with the Solar Energy Business of your Choice to proceed with sale and installation of the Solar Energy systems that you decide to purchase.
  • We finally do a follow up check with you to see if the Solar Energy System has been installed to your satisfaction.

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