All-Energy Australia 2011 International Conference

All-Energy Australia 2011 International Conference

The world is going Solar! Gone is the era when solar panels were used only as a means of power generation system for residential buildings. Now, the use of Solar Panels is not restricted to just houses (or non-commercial buildings) but this fabulous, sustainable and renewable energy system has found its place in the business houses, government buildings and public places too! It is a generally accepted fact that the use of Solar Power Systems such as Solar Panels or Monocrystalline Solar Panels etc. has widely spread across the Australian horizon, but we have to admit that the use is not as much spread as it should. In-fact, there is still a big space of opportunity where this energy efficient system can be implemented. There are places around Australia which still needs to gain enough knowledge and implementation for solar power system.

The Solar Power industry is constantly working towards narrowing the space and is in constant process to spread the word by organizing events and conferences around Australia so that people can aware of advantages of using this cheap solar panels.

One of such popular and mega event is All-Energy Australia 2011 International Conference. And just like every year, this year to it is going to be a big world! The event is going to organize in the month of October. The detailed scheduled is given at the bottom of the page, you may also take a look at the event’s official website or can download the event schedule here.

Detailed Schedule of the Event

Opening Day –12th October, 2011 (Wednesday)

9.00-10.30 Opening Plenary Session
10.30-11.15 Exhibition & networking
Stream 1 Stream 2 Stream 3 Stream 4 Stream 5
11.15-12.30 Carbon Capture & Storeage: Domestic Solar: Industry Perspective and Government Support

Embracing Clean Energy in Industry Power Storage Transmission & Distribution 1: The Smart Grid
Lunch & Exhibition
14.00-15.15 Carbon Capture & Storage: Demonstration to Commercialization Solar PV Embracing Clean Energy in Gov’t: State Government

Transport Transmission & Distribution 2: Transmitting & Handling Intermittent Energy Sources
Exhibition & Networking
15.45-17.00 Carbon Capture & Storage: Applications Outside the Power Generation Industry Solar Thermal Embracing Clean Energy in Gov’t: Local Councils Bioenergy Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Technology

Second Day –13th October 2011 (Thursday)


Stream 1 Stream 2 Stream 3 Stream 4 Stream 5
9.00-10.30 International Perspective on Clean Energy Energy Efficiency 1 Building an Australian Clean Energy Industry Wave & Tidal Energy YEP: Session 3 TBC
Exhibition & Networking
11.15-12.30 Investment Session: International Energy Efficiency 2: Built Environment Training and Skills Wind Energy YEP: Session 3 TBC
Lunch & Exhibition
14:00-15.15 Investment Session 3: National – Panel Format Energy Generation in the Built Environment Carbon Pricing & Emissions Trading Geothermal Energy YEP: Session 3 TBC
Exhibition & Networking
15.45-17.00 Plenary Grand Debate & Round Table: Is the Australian Economy Ready for a Carbon Price?

Note: Conference titles and timings may be subject to change.
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